BioOne Journals Full-text: UJ TRIAL

The University of Johannesburg Library have a TRIAL to the BioOne Full-text Journals

from April – 31 May 2012.

The database covers Biological, Ecological and Environmental Sciences.

The access to the BioOne abstracts is available freely on the Web

If you need help, please contact me: Pavlinka Kovatcheva, UJ Faculty Librarian Sciences


Newspapers Databases: Trial until 10 April 2010



Currently the Library has two Newspapers Databases on

Trial until 10 April 2010.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports. The United States’ principal record of political and historical open source intelligence. Including the publication series titles Africa (Sub-Sahara),  Asia, etc. Need Help searching?

World Newspaper Archive. Published by Readex, a division of NewsBank, inc., in cooperation with the Center for Research Libraries. Incl. African Newspapers from 1800-1922.

A fully searchable collection of historical newspapers from around the globe. This uniquely comprehensive online resource was created in partnership with the Center for Research Libraries – one of the world’s largest and most important newspaper repositories.

Access via the UJ Library website or UJ Sciences Librarian Portal

Political Science Complete TRIAL (Until 31/10/09)


Political Science Complete (on EbscoHost) 

Trial until 31 October 2009

Political Science Complete (PSC) provides full text for over 400 publications, and cover-to-cover indexing and abstracts for more than 800 journals, (including top-ranked scholarly journals). PSC has a worldwide focus, reflecting the globalization of contemporary political discourse. The database also features more than 165 full-text reference books and monographs, and over 27,000 full text conference papers, including those of the International Political Science Association

Project Muse TRIAL (Until 2/9/2009)


The University of Johannesburg Library has arranged a TRIAL to Project Muse. Direct link to the Project Muse  journals is available on the Sciences Librarian Portal.

View additional TRIALS.

Trial ends: 2 September 2009

Full-text access to the journals is available only ON CAMPUS.

Project MUSE offers full text, affordable access to current content from prestigious Humanities and Social Sciences journals. MUSE is the most reliable source of titles from many of the world’s leading University presses and Scholarly societies, Journals with critically acclaimed articles by the most respected Scholars in their fields. Read MORE about Project Muse.

The following Subjects can be of interest to the Sciences users:

If you need help, please let me know ( or leave a comment.

Springer Books Online TRIAL (Until 5/10/2009)

springerlink-logoUniversity of Johannesburg Library has arranged a TRIAL to the Springer Books Online. View more TRIALS.

Access is available from the SpringerLink Database. Just login with your Surname/Student or Staff number/Library PIN. Need help? (

Trial ends: 5 October 2009

Full-text access to the journals is available REMOTELY.

TIPS for searching:

  1. SpringerLink database – Keyword search to retrieve articles and books results or
  2. Click on any of the links below to view the individual Book Series & Books

Book Series:


Springer books are  for the Science & Engineering Departments. Let us know if you find the trial useful. leave a comment.

Cambridge Journals Online TRIAL (Until 20/8/2009)


University of Johannesburg Library has organised a TRIAL to Cambridge Journals Online.  Direct link to the Cambridge Journals is available on the Sciences Librarian Portal. View more TRIAL Databases.

Trial ends: 20 August 2009

Full-text access to the journals is available only ON CAMPUS.

Subjects & Journals of interest to the Sciences Departments:

For any comments or queries, please contact me  ( or leave a comment

Reaxys Online: CrossFire Beilstein & Gmelin TRIAL (Until 30/9/2009)


Reaxys Online: Beilstein, Gmelin and Patent Chemistry Databases is on TRIAL until 30/9/2009.

The Library subscribes to CrossFire & Reactions: Beilstein & Gmelin in CD-Rom format. Now this product is made available online, and the Library has recently a presentation by Elsevier on its functionality.

Click here to Access Reaxys . Read more  about this product.


  • The TRIAL will run until 30 September 2009.
  • The access is available only ON CAMPUS
  • The access is IP Authenticated for all UJ Campuses
  • Multiple users
  • Make use of Reaxys Training Manuals to easy your searching needs

Access is available through the Sciences Librarian Portal and Chemistry Subject Portal. View more TRIAL Databases.


Dr. Jörg Hellwig, Sales Manager Elsevier Science & Technology visited the UJ Library to present the new Reaxys Online, during his May-June SA tour.

Please contact me for more information or if you experience any difficulty in accessing or using the list., 011 559-2621.

MyiLibrary Online Books TRIAL (until 30/9/2009)


MyiLibrary  is an Online Books Database and a TRIAL has been arranged for UJ users until 30/9/2009. More TRIALS

  • Password is required. If you are UJ user contact me on:, 011 559-2621 for access.

Reasons to consider MyiLibrary include:

  • Access to content that is never off the shelf and is available anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and takes up no additional space
  • Quality front-list titles from leading publishers, many exclusive to MyiLibrary, flexibly priced to suit any budget
  • Flexible access including IP range and Athens for access to titles on the MyiLibrary platform, to suit your organization’s preference
  • Integration into OPAC systems, making it easy to find and view e-books alongside your other information resources, supported by good quality MARC records
  • Comprehensive reporting on e-book usage activity
  •  About the MyiLibrary
  • View Content
  • Click here for HELP.

BOOKS 24/7 TRIAL (extended until 14/June/2009)

Enjoy two additional weeks of 24/7 online books. The TRIAL has been extended until 14/June/2009. It is mostly for the academics, who have been busy with assignments marks and exams preparation during May and have had no time to make use of it.

View my previous post for more information.

For more information contact me on: or leave a comment.


BOOKS 24/7 ON TRIAL (until 31/May/2009)

The Library has arranged a TRIAL for ONLINE BOOKS 24/7. Click HERE for direct access. I have place also direct link on the Sciences Librarian Portal under TRIAL databases and on the Databases list. It is also available on the main Library website. To access these books you will need to login (surname; staff/student number; PIN). If you still don’t have PIN, follow the available  instructions.

Books 24/7 is a web-based platform, that enables users to search and access online books from Microsoft Press, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, AMACOM, Harvard Business School Publishing, Cambridge University Press and Wiley. The collections include:

  • Information Technology (ITPro collection)
  • Business and Professional Skills/Development
  • Engineering (EngineeringPro collection)
  • Financial and Accounting Information, etc.

Who can benefit: Information Technology users; Physics users; Mathematics,  Applied Maths & Statistics users; Environmental Management & Energy users; Sciences & Engineering users, etc.

Remote Access: Available

Searching TIPS: You can either browse per topic or search the content with keywords (basic and advanced search screens). Also use the available HELP menu.

Some topics of interest from the ProIT and Engineering Collections, for the Sciences users:

  • IT and Technical Topics: (Business & Culture (680 books); Databases (925 books); Certification & Compliance (768 books); Enterprise Computing (693 books); Hardware (186 books); IBM Technologies  (761 books); Networks & Protocols (794 books); Operating Systems (845 books); Programming Languages (2650 books); Security (652 books); Software Engineering (479 books); Telecommunications (306 books); Web Programming & Development (1647 books)  
  • Engineering Topics: Physics (27 books, incl.  Physics for Engineers and Scientists; Applied Quantum Mechanics, etc.)
  • Engineering: Environmental Engineering (56 books, incl. books on Alternative Energy (17); Environmental Disputes (4); Solid Waste (4); Water & Wastewater (16)
  • Engineering Topics: Mathematics (158 books, incl. books on Algebra (2); Applied Maths (49); Computational Methods (38); Discrete Math (1);  Geometry & Topology (4); Probability & Statistics (12), etc.
  • Engineering Topics: Petroleum, Mining & Geological (53 books, incl. books on Geology (5); Mining (3); Oil & Gas (13) 
  • Engineering: Sustainability (19 books, incl. books on Green Architecture & Building (4); Renewable Energy (3); Sustainable Design (9)
  • Engineering: Computer Tools (161 books, incl. books on MatLab (33); Programming Languages (12); AutoCAD (45)
  • Engineering: Nuclear Physics (11 books, incl. Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2nd ed.)
  • Engineering: Nanotechnology (47 books, incl. books on Quantum Dynamics (2); Nanomaterials (11) 
  • Engineering: Telecommunications (244 books)

If you have any questions about access or possible subscription, please contact me: or leave a comment on this post.


Taylor & Francis Journals are available on TRIAL from 21/April/2009 until 10/June/2009

Access is available through Informaworld platform. View the journals per subjects or search either the Basic or Advanced search options. To view the journals for which UJ have full-text click HERE.


Search for articles directly from the ADVANCED SEARCH option.

The following subjects are relevant to the Sciences: Agriculture & Environmental Sciences; Bioscience; Chemistry; Computer Science; Earth Sciences; Engineering & Technology; Food Science; Geography; Mathematics & Statistics; Physics; Toxicology, etc.

Let me know how useful are these journals for your research or teaching needs. Leave a comment on this post.


The trial to Springer Protocols have been extended until 31/5/2009. How to access it? Read more information from my previous post  or go to:

  • SpringerLink database: full-text is available REMOTELY. To access SpringerLink you need to log-in with Surname, Staff/Students number & PIN (don’t have one? It  is easy to create, just follow the instructions)
  • Springer Protocols web page: full-text only ON CAMPUS. On Campus there is IP Authentication and no log-in is required. Just search.

Contact me on: or leave a comment on this post.


As you know, the Library subscribes to the Blackwell Journals full-text, 1997+. Since July 2008 Blackwell journals were merged with the Wiley journals in one platform: Wiley Interscience. Numerous problems occur since then as every time you search Wiley Interscience,  you also retrieve Wiley journals results. Once you click on “PDF” full-text the article – if from Blackwell journal will open; if the selected article is from Wiley journal, you will be asked for password. The reason is that we don’t subscribe to the Wiley Journals. Go back to the selected list and select other article.

The Library requested a TRIAL for the Wiley Journals until 18/4/2009. I hope that we will find funds to purchase these valuable journals for 2010.

Go to Wiley Interscience  and enjoy the full text access to all journals. The journals are multidisciplinary. Just remember:

  • TRIAL until 18/5/2009
  • Full-text from 1997+

Access to Wiley Interscience is also available through Sciences Librarian Portal and the individual Subject Portals. Please contact me if any queries: OR place a comment on this post.


Springer Protocols on Trial until 30/04/2009.

As per request from Biochemistry & Health Sciences researchers, Springer has arranged a TRIAL for all Springer Protocols. Use this opportunity to access the protocols and to search for information relevant to your research needs. The Protocols can be accessed through two channels:

SpringerLink database: full-text is available REMOTELY. To access SpringerLink you need to log-in with Surname, Staff/Students number & PIN (don’t have one? It is easy to create, just follow the instructions)

Springer Protocols web page: full-text only ON CAMPUS. On Campus there is IP Authentication and no log-in is required. Just search.

Access more than 18,000 Springer Protocols
Your library has set up a Springer Protocols Trial until the end of April.You can access more than 18,000 Protocols online.

Springer Protocols contains more than 18,000 molecular biology and biomedical protocols, many from the classic series Methods in Molecular Biology™ edited by Dr. John M. Walker.

Other prestigious titles covered include:

  • Methods in Molecular Medicine
  • Methods in Biotechnology
  • Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Neuromethods


  • Unparalleled breadth and depth ensures that you can access the right protocol saving valuable time.
  • With quality, peer-reviewed content you can be confident the protocols you choose will be the most reliable for your work.
  • Flexible, collaborative features enhance your search process and provide you with additional information and context.

SUBJECTS: Biochemist, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Cancer Research, Cell Biology, Genetics/Genomics, Imaging/Radiology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Plant Sciences, Protein Science

View the TOUR  presentations and Source Title list.

If you have any further queries, please contact Pavlinka Kovatcheva,


DATABASES ON TRIAL (until 14/5/2009)

EbscoHost is giving the UJ users  a TRIAL for “Environment Complete” and “Computers & Applied Science Complete” databases. To access these databases you will need to log-in with your Surname, Student/Staff number and PIN (password). Don’t have PIN, visit the Sciences Librarian “Guides & Tutorials” web page for guidence.


Offers deep coverage in applicable areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, renewable energy sources, natural resources, marine & freshwater science, geography, pollution & waste management, environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, social impacts, urban planning, and more.

Environment Complete contains more than 1,957,000 records from more than 1,700 domestic and international titles going back to the 1940s (including 1,125 active core titles). The database also contains full text for more than 680 journals and 120 monographs.


It covers the research and development spectrum of the computing and applied sciences disciplines.

CASC provides indexing and abstracts for more than 1,800 academic journals, professional publications, and other reference sources from a diverse collection.

Full text is also available for more than 730 periodicals.

P.S.: Once you access the EbscoHost web page, scroll down the list of databases. These two databases are at the bottom of the list.

The TRIAL is available until 14 May 2009.

Contact me on for assistance.