UJ Open Access Workshop 22 October 2013

The University of Johannesburg Library is celebrating the Open Access Week 21-27 October 2013 with an

OA workshop on the 22 October 2013. Learn more about Open Access Week

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OA 2013


UJ Open Access Mini-seminar for the Faculty of Science Community

As a Faculty librarian for Sciences, I have organised an event during the Open Access Week 22-28 October 2012.

It will take place on the 23 October, Tuesday at the UJ Kingsway Campus, C1Lab 303. As a guess speaker we have Johanna Kuhn from BioMed Central: an Open Access publisher.

Feedback from the semenar (blog post) and pictures

Pavlinka Kovatcheva: UJ Faculty Librarian Science


Open Access 22 – 28 October 2012 @ UJ

This year the Open Access Week is celebrated during the week of 22-28 October 2012. Around the world many Universitie, Libraries and Organisations are raising an awarenes of Open Access publishing and resources.

The University of Johannesburg also raise an awareness to the UJDigispace: Institutional Repository

Meet the UJ Library Open Access team:

For more information on Open Access visit the Open Access Week site

I also have an Open Access Portal for links to useful resources, OA journals and Institutional repositories

Pavlinka Kovatcheva: UJ Faculty Librarian Sciences


University of Johannesburg: Open Access mandate

The University of Johannesburg Senate adopted an Open Access mandate (2010) that states that:

  • The University of Johannesburg (UJ) wishes to provide open access to publicly funded research output produced by UJ students and staff.
  • Research output submitted to the Research Office for subsidy purposes will be forwarded to the University of Johannesburg Institutional Repository.
  • UJLIC will seek permission to preserve research output in digital format.
  • Copyright compliance will be adhered to i.e. access to full-text articles will be subject to permission of publishers. Access will not be provided if permission is in doubt or not available. Short term embargoes by publishers will also be adhered to.

The university encourages the publication of research articles in accredited open access journals.

Sourse: eIFL Newsletter, March/April 2011

For more information on UJ Open Access & Institutional Repository initiatives visit:

Open Access Week: 19 – 23 October 2009

Open access 2009


19 – 23 October is the Open Access (OA) week. The library is taking an initiative to promote OA awareness to all University of Johannesburg users. Below you can see the planned activities on each of the Campus Libraries. Please, attend these lectures in the Library and learn how OA can benefit your teaching, research and learning needs. Ask your students also to participate and learn about OA and Institutional Repository.

What is Open Access? What initiatives are available for OA? What resources I can use, which are Open Access (OA)?

Visit the UJ Sciences Librarian “Open Access Portal” to have your questions answered and much more…. I have created one step to most of the resources relevant to you. Comment on this post, how do you feel about the OA initiative.

OA fact:

Astronomy researchers who made their Astrophysical Journal article open access using the arXiv.org e-print server doubled the citation rate of their articles. (Source: Stevens-Rayburn, Sarah. Account of 2003 AAS Publication Board meeting email to PAM electronic discussion list, November 13, 2003.


I’m highlighting some of the Top Open Access resources. Full list is available on the Open Access Portal:

Visit the official Open Access web.

Open Access initiative is a movement towards opening opportunities for developing countries to have access and to publish their research. Thanks to eIFL.net (Electronic Information for Libraries) and  especially Irina Kuchma, who is visiting many countries, institutions and libraries to promote and train on the usefulness of Open Access and implementation of institutional repositories.

The Library programme for the Open Access week:

APK: Library, 3rd floor Auditorium

Date Time Activities
19 October 2009 10:00 Welcome/Exhibition
  10:20 Guest Speaker: Ms Madelein van Heerden, CSIR“Making you famous”
  11:00 Open Discussion
  11:15 Demonstration of UJDigispace
  11:30 Closing

APB: Library Training Room

20 October 2009 10:00 Welcome/Exhibition
  10:15 Presentation: UJDigispace and Open Access
  11:00 Open Discussion
  11:15 Demonstration of UJDigispace
  11:30 Closing

DFC: Library Training Room

21 October 2009 10:00 Welcome/Exhibition
  10:15 Presentation: UJDigispace and Open Access
  11:00 Open Discussion
  11:15 Demonstration of UJDigispace
  11:30 Closing

SWC: Conference Hall

22 October 2009 10:00 Welcome/Exhibition
  10:15 Presentation: UJDigispace and Open Access
  11:00 Open Discussion
  11:15 Demonstration of UJDigispace
  11:30 Closing

APK: Library, 3rd floor Auditorium

23 October 2009 10:00 Review and Closing


The new Institutional Repository, UJDigispace, of the University of Johannesburg was successfully launched on the 24th of March 2009. The Library under the initiative of  Barrie Swanepoel (Library IT), was responsible for the implementation of the University’s Open Access Electronic Archive. (eIFL.net, 15/5/09)

Currently the following Collections are available:

Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management [241]
Department of Philosophy [7]
Electronic Books [3]

Library and Information Centre [332]

Media Coverage [3]
Research Outputs [0]
Theses and Dissertations [1657]
University Governance [3]
University of Johannesburg Archives [178]
University Publications [12]

Do you find UJDigispace useful? Let us know by leaving a comment.