UJ New Databases in 2011

Good NEWS for all University of Johannesburg users.

This year we have the following NEW Databases:

The Sage journals content is in the: Social Sciences & Humanities; Health Sciences; Life & Biomedical Sciences; Materials Science & Engineering. 

The journals relevant to Sciences are from: Geography, Urban Studies & Planning, Research Methods & Evaluation, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Cell Biology, Life Sciences, Engineering, Computing, Materials Science.

Informit service is the leading source of online full text, multimedia and index databases that deliver the most authoritative research from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Access is to articles, Conference papers, working papers, grey literature, etc.

The UJ Library subscribes to the:

  • Business Collection
  • Engineering Collection
  • Health Collection
  • Humanities & Social Sciences Collection

 For more information visit: http://www.informit.com.au/ 

 The Thieme Teaching Assistant  is a state-of-the-art presentation tool featuring thousands of stunning illustrations and clinical images from Gilroy et al.

The UJ Library subscribes to the:

Atlas of AnatomyFundamentals of Medical Physiology

Reaxys is a unique web-based chemistry workflow solution which supports research and fuels discovery by integrating searches for reaction and substance data with synthesis planning and chemical sourcing.


The McGregor BFA  range of research products caters to the needs of the local and international research community. The depth and breadth of company research data available in the research products are unparalleled.  Access with PASSWORD!

The World Bank eLibrary  provides access to a growing collection of more than 6,000 ebooks, journal articles, and working papers from the world’s most authoritative source on international development as they are published

Topics covered are: Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Macroeconomics & Economics, Poverty reduction, Rural development, Transport, Urban Development, and much more….

OECD iLibrary is Online Library for Books, Papers, Factbooks and Glossaries and the gateway to OECD’s (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)  analysis and data.

Topics: Agriculture and Food; Economics; Development; Education; Energy; Environment; Nuclear Energy; Science & Technology; Social issues/Migration/Health; Transport; Urban/Rural/ Regional Development. Worldwide Countries – incl. South Africa.

Access is available either through the UJ Sciences Portal or the UJ Library website.


African Journal Archive project: launch of its website

             African Journal Archive project: launch of its website!

The African Journal Archive is a retrospective digitisation project of full-text journal articles published in Africa. Journal articles hosted on the Archive extend back to the first issue (if available) and end with the last pre-current issue (determined by the publisher).

The website currently comprises 700 issues and 150,000 pages of journal archives of academic, scholarly, institutional, museums, and professional research organizations in Africa. Online access to the archive is free of charge to Africa and the world.

  • Browse through the collection without formulating a specific search.
  • Advanced Search – using more options, making your searches more precise and getting more useful results.
  • Preferences Customize options for search results, My Favorites, Compare and Slideshow views.
  • My Favorites – View, compare, delete and move collection items you have saved to My Favorites within CONTENTdm.

 The Archive is an integrated full-text electronic journal repository providing:

  • Comprehensive research into African scholarly work, accessible both continentally and internationally.
  • Accessibility for contributors to their own research information.
  • International exposure for African researchers/authors work.
  • Better utilisation of publically funded research.
  • Exposure for African research institutes creating opportunities for future donor funding.
  • Linking and interoperability with other digital collections.

The journals are digitised at no charge to the publisher. Participating publishers also receive a preservation copy of their archived journal volumes. The African Journal Archive is a Sabinet Gateway project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Custodianship of the Archive will reside with Sabinet Gateway. Management, creation and maintenance will be contracted to Sabinet Online.  

Commenting on the project, Sabinet Online’s Managing Director, Rosalind Hattingh says “the project will  create for the first time a central full-text repository of retrospective journal content of unique value, providing not only the vital groundwork for further or related research but assisting to preserve the heritage of the African continent.

We welcome your comments and feedback. Please contact us should you have any difficulties in finding information on the website.  Publishers and scholarly societies in Africa are encouraged to contact us with their requests to be considered for participation. Sabinet News

CASE: A to Z Journals List: New upgraded library resource

CASE: A-to-Z Journals

The Library and Information Centre announces the upgrading of the A-Z List, which provides access to the full-text electronic journals. Improvements include:

CASE: A-to-Z Journals features:

  • It is fully customizable; comprehensive hence integrates the journal titles in UJLINK.
  • Case unlike EbscoHost A-Z is less dependent on human factor. CASE integrates with III’s Millennium to provide efficient work flows and system uploads are automatic.
  • CASE will enable UJ LIC to manage our electronic resources as an integrated part of the library system and not as a separate entity.
  • The UJ LIC user will have a choice of printed and electronic journals from the library’s WebOPAC (UJLink). This service will complement the ERM system and Link resolvers (UJLink and Web Bridge) that we are using.
  • CASE provides a complete solution to help UJ LIC to administer, manage, and display their electronic journals, from aggregators and publisher databases they subscribe to.

Other features of CASE include:

  • The list is easily accessible to users.
  • Users can search from titles within a specific database
  • Users can search for a specific title using the search interface
  • CASE Coverage Data Service will enable UJ LIC to supply recent data of their electronic journal subscriptions from aggregator and publisher databases (title, ISBN and holdings).
  •  Coverage Data delivered directly to millennium server. Coverage Data service includes 200 + resources, 1,270,000 + holdings statements and 480,000+ full text holdings statements.
  • MARC Service provides in-depth, pre-catalogued information for any e-serial that UJ LIC offers.
  • Web based profile manager assists the Electronic Resources Librarian to administer the collection with ease and make it accessible to the UJ LIC users.

Please note: If you want the journal to open in a new window, right click on the title.

The CASE: A-to-Z Journals list is available on the UJ Sciences Librarian Portal and all individual Sciences Subject Portals.

The UJLink: Library Catalogue, also provides direct link to CASE: A-to-Z Journal.

NEW features in the UJLink: Library Catalogue:

  • When you search for journal title through the Library Catalogue, additionally to the PRINT, you can have an ELECTRONIC  journals availability.
  • You can also search through the Library Catalogue: Electronic Resources  (links to the databases and its individual journals collections

Please contact me for more information or if you experience any difficulty in accessing or using the list. pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za, 011 559-2621.

JSTOR: Sciences Journals per Discipline


JSTOR is an important full-text database for the Sciences researchers. You can find journals dated back to the 19h Century.  The Moving wall is between 3-5 years (no full-text).  Click HEREfor direct access to JSTOR.

I would like you to have a look at the journals available on JSTOR per Discipline. You will need to log-in for full-text access:

If you have any queries with searching JSTOR and journals accessibility, please let me know: pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za

Scholarly journals – ticTOCs, New Free Journal Tables of Contents


 Keeping up-to-date with the scholarly literature just became much easier, thanks to a new service called ticTOCs  – Journal Tables of Contents Service.

What it is?

ticTOCs is a new scholarly journal tables of contents (TOCs) service.It’s FREE, its easy to use, and it provides access to the most recent tables of contents of over 11,000 scholarly journals from more than 400 publishers.  

It helps scholars, researchers, academics and anyone else keep up-to-date with what’s being published in the most recent issues of journals on almost any subject.

How to find Journal Titles

Using ticTOCs, you can:

  1. Find journals of interest by TITLE, SUBJECT or PUBLISHER;
  2. View the latest TOC;
  3. Link through to the full text of over 250,000 articles (where institutional or personal subscriptions, or Open Access, allow)
  4. Save selected journals to MyTOCs so that you can view future TOCs (free registration is required if you want to permanently save your MyTOCs). 
  5. ticTOCs also makes it easy to export selected TOC RSS feeds to popular feed readers such as Google Reader and Bloglines, and in addition you can import article citations into RefWorks (available through the UJ Library webpage. Contact your librarian for assistance and training where necessary ).
  6. You can  select TOCs by ticking those of interest – thousands of TOCs, within a tick or two (hence the name ticTOCs).

I have searched for journals per SUBJECT. The following number of journals are available (24/01/2009) for:

Zoology – 87 titles
Botany – 125 titles
Biology – 291 titles
Microbiology – 110 titles
Biochemistry – 223 titles
Chemistry – 170 titles
Analytical Chemistry – 51 titles
Inorganic Chemistry – 22 titles
Organic Chemistry – 70 titles
Physical Chemistry – 72 titles
Mathematics – 363 titles
Statistics – 31 titles
Astronomy – 48 titles
Physics – 255 titles
Biophysics – 34 titles
Geophysics – 49 titles
Nuclear Physics – 39 titles
Geology – 89 titles
Geography – 70 titles
Earth Sciences – 58 titles
Computers – 81 titles
Computer Security – 23 titles
and many more…..
For help use the available HELP menu or ask your librarian (Sciences Librarian at APK: Pavlinka Kovatcheva, pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za) for assistance!

ticTOCs has been funded under the JISC Users & Innovations programme and has been developed by an international consortium consisting of the University of Liverpool Library (lead), Heriot-Watt University, CrossRef, ProQuest, Emerald, RefWorks, MIMAS, Cranfield University, Institute of Physics, SAGE Publishers, Inderscience Publishers, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), Open J-Gate, and Intute. 


 For the full press release, click HERE.


Since the launch, several hundred more journal Tables of Contents have been added to ticTOCs: over 60 titles from Palgrave, over 185 former Haworth Press titles, 82 open access titles from Libertas Academica, 27 Edinburgh University Press journals, and titles from Longwoods Publishing, Living Reviews, IM Publications and others.


Journals from 431 publishers are currently included in ticTOCs. Read more about the latest news HERE


An Inter Campus Loan (ICL) is a transaction in which books and journal articles are made available by one UJ Campus Library to another upon request.

The purpose of Inter Campus loans is to provide good and speedily services to our clients of the University of Johannesburg Library and Information centre.

Inter Campus loans are available to ALL the registered users of the University.


Where to start?

The need for this service will arise when you search the UJLink (Library Catalogue) and find a book or a journal at another campus. Search also A-to-Z electronic journals to ensure that the journal is not available in electronic format.

Once you establish that the book or journal you need is not available at your Campus Library or that all copies are already in use by other users, you can:

·         Check the UJLink and A-to-Z electronic journals for availability

·         Only books that are on open shelves can be loaned.

·         Write down the details of the title, including the campus and shelf number

·         Approach your Library Campus Inter Library Loan (ILL) office

·         Complete the cards which are available at the ILL office

·         There are two different cards: yellow for books and orange for journals; make sure that you complete the right card.

·         Once the card is filled, just put it in the allocated “post” box

·         You MUST come to the ILL office and inquire if the material is received within 3 working days


Who qualifies for this service?

This service is available to all staff and students of UJ.

Compliance with the LIC Access and Circulation Policy is a prerequisite to this service.


Cost for late returns:

Fines as determined by the LIC Access and Circulation Policy charged for late returns


Courier service:

This service is daily available to ensure that the turn around time is not compromised.


Loan period:

Determined by the UJ loan period as reflected in the LIC Access and Circulation Policy

To find out more about this service, contact the library staff members at these campuses:








Level 2

Heila Oosthuizen


011 559 2256

011 559 2031

011 559 2164


Joyce Makhubedu


011 559 1294


011 559 1296



 Antonet Davis


011 559 6326


011 559 6343


 Fikiswa Mgengo


011 559 5668


011 559 5673