eBrary Electronic books: full-text access


The UJ Library subscribes to full-text e-books on eBrary platform. A wide range of subjects to help you with your assignment and research needs.

Direct link to the full-text: http://0-site.ebrary.com.ujlink.uj.ac.za/lib/ujlink  (UJ registered users only)

EbraryUJ Sciences Librarian: pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za


MyiLibrary Online Books TRIAL (until 30/9/2009)


MyiLibrary  is an Online Books Database and a TRIAL has been arranged for UJ users until 30/9/2009. More TRIALS

  • Password is required. If you are UJ user contact me on: pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za, 011 559-2621 for access.

Reasons to consider MyiLibrary include:

  • Access to content that is never off the shelf and is available anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and takes up no additional space
  • Quality front-list titles from leading publishers, many exclusive to MyiLibrary, flexibly priced to suit any budget
  • Flexible access including IP range and Athens for access to titles on the MyiLibrary platform, to suit your organization’s preference
  • Integration into OPAC systems, making it easy to find and view e-books alongside your other information resources, supported by good quality MARC records
  • Comprehensive reporting on e-book usage activity
  •  About the MyiLibrary
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The University of Johannesburg Library & Information Centre and the Department of English are proudly announcing the project “One Book One Library“. 

The aim of the project is to emphasize the role of the library and reading in an academic environment. The book that has been selected is The three letter plague by Jonny Steinberg.The award-winning author Jonny Steinberg travels to explore the lives of a community caught up in a battle to survive the ravages of HIV/Aids. For more information on the book and the project, please visit the UJ Library website.

Three-Letter Plague

Three-Letter Plague

 The  UJ community of students and staff are requested to read the selected book over a period of two months, from 13 July to 17 September. Between 15-17 September a series of events related to the book and the themes in the book will take place. The full program will be announced in due time. Copies of the book are available in the Library (all Campuses).

The project creates the opportunity to discuss and explore issues and ideas relevant to our community and our world. The idea is to stimulate intellectual discussion and interaction among students in conjunction with faculty, staff and community members (from the Library website).



An Inter Campus Loan (ICL) is a transaction in which books and journal articles are made available by one UJ Campus Library to another upon request.

The purpose of Inter Campus loans is to provide good and speedily services to our clients of the University of Johannesburg Library and Information centre.

Inter Campus loans are available to ALL the registered users of the University.


Where to start?

The need for this service will arise when you search the UJLink (Library Catalogue) and find a book or a journal at another campus. Search also A-to-Z electronic journals to ensure that the journal is not available in electronic format.

Once you establish that the book or journal you need is not available at your Campus Library or that all copies are already in use by other users, you can:

·         Check the UJLink and A-to-Z electronic journals for availability

·         Only books that are on open shelves can be loaned.

·         Write down the details of the title, including the campus and shelf number

·         Approach your Library Campus Inter Library Loan (ILL) office

·         Complete the cards which are available at the ILL office

·         There are two different cards: yellow for books and orange for journals; make sure that you complete the right card.

·         Once the card is filled, just put it in the allocated “post” box

·         You MUST come to the ILL office and inquire if the material is received within 3 working days


Who qualifies for this service?

This service is available to all staff and students of UJ.

Compliance with the LIC Access and Circulation Policy is a prerequisite to this service.


Cost for late returns:

Fines as determined by the LIC Access and Circulation Policy charged for late returns


Courier service:

This service is daily available to ensure that the turn around time is not compromised.


Loan period:

Determined by the UJ loan period as reflected in the LIC Access and Circulation Policy

To find out more about this service, contact the library staff members at these campuses:








Level 2

Heila Oosthuizen


011 559 2256

011 559 2031

011 559 2164


Joyce Makhubedu


011 559 1294


011 559 1296



 Antonet Davis


011 559 6326


011 559 6343


 Fikiswa Mgengo


011 559 5668


011 559 5673