Posters: Dewey Classification System @ UJ Kingsway Campus Library

I have arranged quickly today these posters on a board in the UJ Kingsway Campus Library.

The system is still new, so students need all the support from us.

Consult the UJLink: Library Catalogue for specific shelf number and location.

Need more information about Dewey Classification System?

I have been using this freely available document.

Pavlinka Kovatcheva: Faculty Librarian Sciences

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UJ Sciences Librarian: New Library Books: Sciences (APK) blog

I have started at the end of 2011 a new blog for Sciences newely received library books. So far the academics are satisfied with this new way of current awareness. Direct links are provided for each book from the UJ Library Catalogue

Check out the latest blog posts from the UJ New Library Books: Sciences, APK Campus

UJ Sciences Librarian: RefWorks Portal

RefWorks is a web-based Research Management tool. Easily add and manage data. Collaborate. Generate bibliographies. Use it on- or offline, or from your mobile.

If you are NEW to RefWorks, check out the Sciences Librarian RefWorks portal: Provides access to RefWorks, databases, training instructions and step-by-step videos

The UJ Sciences students will have trainings sessions on RefWorks from April 2012.

Contact me directly for more information

Pavlinka Kovatcheva, Faculty Librarian: Sciences;

UJ Sciences Librarian @ EduLink

These few slides are an example of the Virtual Learning Environment (EduLink) which I provide for the UJ Sciences students. Helping students access directly subject specific information on their student portal.

Picture 1: Usage statistics for Sciences courses on EduLink for the period Feb-March 2012.

I have created direct links only for a few Departments/Courses during semester, Term 1: Biochemistry, Biology 1, Chemistry, Energy, Environmental Management, Geography, Geology & Zoology.


Picture 2: How to access and find the available resources on EduLink (students & staff access). 

Picture 3: Examples of Courses on EduLink

Picture 4: Example of Library Resources for specific courses

If you have any queries, please contact me.

Pavlinka Kovatcheva: Faculty Librarian, Sciences (

UJ Sciences Librarian: Delicious Bookmarking

I have been using the Delicious Bookmarking site for years. I have TAGGED hundreds of academic articles, useful Internet articles and links, Assignments related articles and so on. Link to Delicious are available on UJ Sciences Librarian Portal and EduLink for students.

Have a look at the TAGS and the latest articles.

UJ Sciences Librarian on Delicious

Pavlinka Kovatcheva, Faculty Librarian: Sciences