University of Johannesburg: Open Access mandate

The University of Johannesburg Senate adopted an Open Access mandate (2010) that states that:

  • The University of Johannesburg (UJ) wishes to provide open access to publicly funded research output produced by UJ students and staff.
  • Research output submitted to the Research Office for subsidy purposes will be forwarded to the University of Johannesburg Institutional Repository.
  • UJLIC will seek permission to preserve research output in digital format.
  • Copyright compliance will be adhered to i.e. access to full-text articles will be subject to permission of publishers. Access will not be provided if permission is in doubt or not available. Short term embargoes by publishers will also be adhered to.

The university encourages the publication of research articles in accredited open access journals.

Sourse: eIFL Newsletter, March/April 2011

For more information on UJ Open Access & Institutional Repository initiatives visit:


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