UJ New Databases in 2011

Good NEWS for all University of Johannesburg users.

This year we have the following NEW Databases:

The Sage journals content is in the: Social Sciences & Humanities; Health Sciences; Life & Biomedical Sciences; Materials Science & Engineering. 

The journals relevant to Sciences are from: Geography, Urban Studies & Planning, Research Methods & Evaluation, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Cell Biology, Life Sciences, Engineering, Computing, Materials Science.

Informit service is the leading source of online full text, multimedia and index databases that deliver the most authoritative research from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Access is to articles, Conference papers, working papers, grey literature, etc.

The UJ Library subscribes to the:

  • Business Collection
  • Engineering Collection
  • Health Collection
  • Humanities & Social Sciences Collection

 For more information visit: http://www.informit.com.au/ 

 The Thieme Teaching Assistant  is a state-of-the-art presentation tool featuring thousands of stunning illustrations and clinical images from Gilroy et al.

The UJ Library subscribes to the:

Atlas of AnatomyFundamentals of Medical Physiology

Reaxys is a unique web-based chemistry workflow solution which supports research and fuels discovery by integrating searches for reaction and substance data with synthesis planning and chemical sourcing.


The McGregor BFA  range of research products caters to the needs of the local and international research community. The depth and breadth of company research data available in the research products are unparalleled.  Access with PASSWORD!

The World Bank eLibrary  provides access to a growing collection of more than 6,000 ebooks, journal articles, and working papers from the world’s most authoritative source on international development as they are published

Topics covered are: Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Macroeconomics & Economics, Poverty reduction, Rural development, Transport, Urban Development, and much more….

OECD iLibrary is Online Library for Books, Papers, Factbooks and Glossaries and the gateway to OECD’s (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)  analysis and data.

Topics: Agriculture and Food; Economics; Development; Education; Energy; Environment; Nuclear Energy; Science & Technology; Social issues/Migration/Health; Transport; Urban/Rural/ Regional Development. Worldwide Countries – incl. South Africa.

Access is available either through the UJ Sciences Portal or the UJ Library website.


University of Johannesburg: Open Access mandate

The University of Johannesburg Senate adopted an Open Access mandate (2010) that states that:

  • The University of Johannesburg (UJ) wishes to provide open access to publicly funded research output produced by UJ students and staff.
  • Research output submitted to the Research Office for subsidy purposes will be forwarded to the University of Johannesburg Institutional Repository.
  • UJLIC will seek permission to preserve research output in digital format.
  • Copyright compliance will be adhered to i.e. access to full-text articles will be subject to permission of publishers. Access will not be provided if permission is in doubt or not available. Short term embargoes by publishers will also be adhered to.

The university encourages the publication of research articles in accredited open access journals.

Sourse: eIFL Newsletter, March/April 2011

For more information on UJ Open Access & Institutional Repository initiatives visit:

How to find Print & Online Books @ UJ Library: Glogster Poster

How to Find Print & Online Book at UJ Library” (for Sciences users)

Have a look at this interactive poster to find direct links to the:

  • UJLink: Library Catalogue
  • Course Reserves
  • Sciences Online Books & Reference Works Collections
  • Individual Online Book Collections

Visit the UJ Sciences Librarian Portal for more resources

Writing a Research Paper: Glogster Poster for UJ Sciences users

Have problem getting started with your Research Project? Check this interactive “fun”  poster, which I created for the UJ Sciences students:

  • Steps in Online Searching
  • Links to Sciences Subject portals, databases, library catalogue, etc.
  • Guidelines for writing a Literature Revies
  • UJ Reference Techniques
  • and more…

Ho do you feel about it? Don’t forget to visit the UJ Sciences Librarian Portal for any additional information.

UJ APK Library: Dewey Project update

Please note that the APK Library started with phase 2 (vertical move of the books) from 1 April.
Once phase two is completed the ‘new’ levels will look as follows:
Level 1: DDC# 000 – 226 (Computer Science – 003-006)
Level 2: DDC# 227 – 354 (Env Management & Energy – 333.3 & 333.7)
Level 3: DDC# 355 – 621 (Natural Sciences – 500)
Level 4: DDC# 400, 700 & 800
Level 5: DDC# 622 – 999.9999999999 (Geography – 910)

Please note: As from 6 April 2011 all books returned by clients will be sorted and shelved as follows:
  • DDC#: 000 to 226.9999999 = Level 1
  • DDC#: 227 to 354.9999999 = Level 2
  • DDC# 355 to 621.9999999 = Level 3
  • DDC# 400 to 499.9999999 = Level 4
  • DDC# 700 to 799.9999999 = Level 4
  • DDC# 800 to 899.9999999 = Level 4
  • DDC# 622 to 699.9999999 = Level 5
  • DDC# 900 to 999.9999999 = Level 5
 System changes to display the new locations on the catalogue will be done daily with review files.
Visit the UJ Dewey Project blog: http://www.apklibraryddc.blogspot.com/