African Journal Archive project: launch of its website

             African Journal Archive project: launch of its website!

The African Journal Archive is a retrospective digitisation project of full-text journal articles published in Africa. Journal articles hosted on the Archive extend back to the first issue (if available) and end with the last pre-current issue (determined by the publisher).

The website currently comprises 700 issues and 150,000 pages of journal archives of academic, scholarly, institutional, museums, and professional research organizations in Africa. Online access to the archive is free of charge to Africa and the world.

  • Browse through the collection without formulating a specific search.
  • Advanced Search – using more options, making your searches more precise and getting more useful results.
  • Preferences Customize options for search results, My Favorites, Compare and Slideshow views.
  • My Favorites – View, compare, delete and move collection items you have saved to My Favorites within CONTENTdm.

 The Archive is an integrated full-text electronic journal repository providing:

  • Comprehensive research into African scholarly work, accessible both continentally and internationally.
  • Accessibility for contributors to their own research information.
  • International exposure for African researchers/authors work.
  • Better utilisation of publically funded research.
  • Exposure for African research institutes creating opportunities for future donor funding.
  • Linking and interoperability with other digital collections.

The journals are digitised at no charge to the publisher. Participating publishers also receive a preservation copy of their archived journal volumes. The African Journal Archive is a Sabinet Gateway project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Custodianship of the Archive will reside with Sabinet Gateway. Management, creation and maintenance will be contracted to Sabinet Online.  

Commenting on the project, Sabinet Online’s Managing Director, Rosalind Hattingh says “the project will  create for the first time a central full-text repository of retrospective journal content of unique value, providing not only the vital groundwork for further or related research but assisting to preserve the heritage of the African continent.

We welcome your comments and feedback. Please contact us should you have any difficulties in finding information on the website.  Publishers and scholarly societies in Africa are encouraged to contact us with their requests to be considered for participation. Sabinet News


One comment on “African Journal Archive project: launch of its website

  1. Sir,
    It would be appreciated if you list our journals in your database. We would be glad if you allow our participation.
    Abulude, F.O
    Managing Editor

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