Books 24/7: Read Online IT, Engineering & Finances Books

                   New eBook Collection for 2010 is Books 24×7.

The UJ Library subscribes to the IT, Engineering & Finance Collections

You have two searching options: Browse the Collections to select a book OR search the content with keywords to retrieve relevant chapters. Basic & Advanced searching options. To help you get started, click on HELP or TIPS.

IT and Technical Topics:

  • Business & Culture; Databases; Certification & Compliance; Enterprise Computing; Hardware; IBM Technologies ; Networks & Protocols; Operating Systems; Programming Languages; Security; Software Engineering; Telecommunications; Web Programming & Development

Engineering Topics – Some of the subjects relevant to the Sciences are:

  • Physics (33 books, incl.  Physics for Engineers and Scientists; Applied Quantum Mechanics, etc.)
  • Bioengineering (57 books, incl. Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical, experimental Practices, etc.
  • Environmental Engineering (56 books, incl. books on Alternative Energy; Environmental Disputes; Solid Waste; Water & Wastewater.
  • Mathematics (176 books, incl. books on Algebra ; Applied Maths ; Computational Methods ; Discrete Math;  Geometry & Topology; Probability & Statistics, etc.
  • Petroleum, Mining & Geological (68 books, incl. books on Geology; Mining; Oil & Gas)
  • Sustainability (20 books, incl. books on Green Architecture & Building; Renewable Energy; Sustainable Design)
  • Computer Tools (192 books, incl. books on MatLab; Programming Languages; AutoCAD)
  • Nuclear Physics (11 books, incl. Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2nd ed.)
  • Nanotechnology (59 books, incl. books on Quantum Dynamics (2); Nanomaterials (11) 
  • Telecommunications (305 books)

Finance Topics Books                      

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