Books 24/7: Read Online IT, Engineering & Finances Books

                   New eBook Collection for 2010 is Books 24×7.

The UJ Library subscribes to the IT, Engineering & Finance Collections

You have two searching options: Browse the Collections to select a book OR search the content with keywords to retrieve relevant chapters. Basic & Advanced searching options. To help you get started, click on HELP or TIPS.

IT and Technical Topics:

  • Business & Culture; Databases; Certification & Compliance; Enterprise Computing; Hardware; IBM Technologies ; Networks & Protocols; Operating Systems; Programming Languages; Security; Software Engineering; Telecommunications; Web Programming & Development

Engineering Topics – Some of the subjects relevant to the Sciences are:

  • Physics (33 books, incl.  Physics for Engineers and Scientists; Applied Quantum Mechanics, etc.)
  • Bioengineering (57 books, incl. Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical, experimental Practices, etc.
  • Environmental Engineering (56 books, incl. books on Alternative Energy; Environmental Disputes; Solid Waste; Water & Wastewater.
  • Mathematics (176 books, incl. books on Algebra ; Applied Maths ; Computational Methods ; Discrete Math;  Geometry & Topology; Probability & Statistics, etc.
  • Petroleum, Mining & Geological (68 books, incl. books on Geology; Mining; Oil & Gas)
  • Sustainability (20 books, incl. books on Green Architecture & Building; Renewable Energy; Sustainable Design)
  • Computer Tools (192 books, incl. books on MatLab; Programming Languages; AutoCAD)
  • Nuclear Physics (11 books, incl. Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2nd ed.)
  • Nanotechnology (59 books, incl. books on Quantum Dynamics (2); Nanomaterials (11) 
  • Telecommunications (305 books)

Finance Topics Books                      

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CRCnetBASE Online books: New Interface

CRC Online Books new platform!!!!

Last week the new CRCnetBASE platform was implemented.  You have an opportunity to search across all CRC books, but the full-text will be restricted only to the subscribed Collections (see below).

You have two searching options: Browse the Subject Collections or search the content with keywords to retrieve relevant chapters. Basic & Advanced searching options. Option to search within full-text content is available. To help you get started, CRC provides useful TUTORIALS.

The UJ Library subscribes to the following CRC eBook Collections:

ENGnetBASE (Over 1350 e-books)

Since 1999, this eBook collection has grown to include over 1300 cutting-edge and bestselling references. With access to the latest handbooks in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, the Engineering Collection is sure to power your patrons’ research to the next level.

INDUSTRIALnetBASE  (Over 130 e-books) NEW!

  • Boasting industry best practices for improving reliability, quality, efficiency, this collection’s references discuss practical, operational, and quantitative methods for all industrial sectors. It includes the complete Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering by Richard Crowson.

MATERIALSnetBASE (Over 350 books)

  • From ceramics and textiles to bioscience and pharmacology, this dynamic library of handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and treatises explains the theory, data, and processes shaping diverse materials applications.

ENVIROnetBASE (Over 570 e-books) NEW!

  • Complete with the latest research on pollution reduction, emissions, and environmental contamination, this e-book collection provides complete access to references on methods for site assessment, remediation, and soil and water quality monitoring. The Environmental Science Collection describes new tools and technologies for remote sensing, GIS, and photogrammetric environmental monitoring.
  • ENVIROnetBASE list of Current and Upcoming titles.

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Cambridge Journals Online (New @ the UJ Library)

Cambridge Journals Online is now available to the University of Johannesburg users.

Full-text starts from 1997 +, REMOTE Access; Need HELP?

Click on the links to view the available journals per Subject (Sciences related):

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