Additional sitting places for APK Library

The University of Johannesburg  Library & Information Centre has embark on a various projects this year: One Book One Library (read now, discuss in September), organizing a Conference in 2010 – “The Future is NOW: New Roles and relationships for Academic Libraries“, etc.

One of them involve providing more sitting space for students in the Library. At Kingsway Library the first  30 new  tables were added (25/8/09) on Level 2, next to the Sciences, Health Sciences & Engineering Book Collections. Students have  now 81 sitting tables on that  floor.

More sitting spaces will be available in 2010.  

Also coming in early 2010 is the new Library Computer Training room, with 50 seats and 26 computers (currently we have 13 computers). Will keep you posted….





OVID visit @ UJ Library

Image1377Ovid Regional Sales Manager for Southern Africa, Connie Munsters has visited the University of Johannesburg Library & Information Centre on the 24th of August 2009.  Some of the topics discussed were: E-books; Ovid Universal Search and Ovid Journals platform- the searching strategies.

The meeting was attended by the UJ Information Librarians and representative from the Collection Development.

The UJ Library subscribes to the following databases, available on the OVID Platform:

Some of  these databases are Bibliographic, but Ovid provides links to the full-text articles if available through Subscription or Open access. Direct link to the UJ Library is also available (Currently there are some problems with the linking) .


Please leave a comment if you have any queries or experience a problem. E-mail me on:

Online Books in the UJ Library (Full-text access)

The University of Johannesburg Library collection of Electronic Books grow each year. Most of the databases are purchased by the Engineering Faculty, but many of  these titles are relevant to the Sciences.

Have a look and make use of these collections. Why not recommend some of these books as an additional reading material to your students?

  • The Online Book databases are IP Authenticated
  • Remote access is available

Direct links to the Online Books are available on the Sciences Librarian Portal and the individual Subject Portals.

AccessEngineering   (Remote Access – YES)

> CRCnetBASE Online Books 

The books in these collections cover a wide subject spectrum of interest to Scientists: Energy; Environmental & Ecological; Computing; Remote sensing; Chemistry and many more. The number of books grow each year with new publications.

ENGnetBASE (Over 1350 e-books)

INDUSTRIALnetBASE  (Over 130 e-books)

MATERIALSnetBASE (Over 350 books)

ENVIROnetBASE (Over 570 e-books) NEW!

  • Earth Science (13 e-books)
  • Ecological Economics (8 e-books)
  • Ecology (60 e-books)
  • Environmental Modeling & Systems Analysis (18 e-books)
  • Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment (39 e-books)
  • Environmental Engineering (Over 100 e-books)
  • Environmental Health (31 e-books)
  • Environmental Law, Management and Compliance (45 e-books)
  • Environmental Toxicology (62 e-books)
  • General (6 e- books; Energy Portfolios, Global Warming; Soil; Organic Chemicals, etc.)
  • Geology (14 e-books)
  • GIS and Mapping (44 e-book)
  • Hazardous Materials (14 e-books)
  • Landscape Ecology (9 e-books)
  • Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry (58 e-books)
  • Resource Management & Sustainability (30 e-books)
  • Turfgrass Science & Engineering  (3 e-books)

> ICE Virtual Library (Conference Proceeding, 1836-2002)

> Referex  (via Engineering Village 2/ EV2)    (Remote Access – YES)

The Library subscribes to 2 collections Electronic & Electrical Books (411) and Materials & Mechanical Books (521). These are some of the subject collections:

> Science Dissemination Using Open Access (Free access, Web 2.0; Open Access) 

 Enjoy your reading. If you have any comments, please let me know.

Project Muse TRIAL (Until 2/9/2009)


The University of Johannesburg Library has arranged a TRIAL to Project Muse. Direct link to the Project Muse  journals is available on the Sciences Librarian Portal.

View additional TRIALS.

Trial ends: 2 September 2009

Full-text access to the journals is available only ON CAMPUS.

Project MUSE offers full text, affordable access to current content from prestigious Humanities and Social Sciences journals. MUSE is the most reliable source of titles from many of the world’s leading University presses and Scholarly societies, Journals with critically acclaimed articles by the most respected Scholars in their fields. Read MORE about Project Muse.

The following Subjects can be of interest to the Sciences users:

If you need help, please let me know ( or leave a comment.

Springer Books Online TRIAL (Until 5/10/2009)

springerlink-logoUniversity of Johannesburg Library has arranged a TRIAL to the Springer Books Online. View more TRIALS.

Access is available from the SpringerLink Database. Just login with your Surname/Student or Staff number/Library PIN. Need help? (

Trial ends: 5 October 2009

Full-text access to the journals is available REMOTELY.

TIPS for searching:

  1. SpringerLink database – Keyword search to retrieve articles and books results or
  2. Click on any of the links below to view the individual Book Series & Books

Book Series:


Springer books are  for the Science & Engineering Departments. Let us know if you find the trial useful. leave a comment.

Cambridge Journals Online TRIAL (Until 20/8/2009)


University of Johannesburg Library has organised a TRIAL to Cambridge Journals Online.  Direct link to the Cambridge Journals is available on the Sciences Librarian Portal. View more TRIAL Databases.

Trial ends: 20 August 2009

Full-text access to the journals is available only ON CAMPUS.

Subjects & Journals of interest to the Sciences Departments:

For any comments or queries, please contact me  ( or leave a comment