MyiLibrary Online Books TRIAL (until 30/9/2009)


MyiLibrary  is an Online Books Database and a TRIAL has been arranged for UJ users until 30/9/2009. More TRIALS

  • Password is required. If you are UJ user contact me on:, 011 559-2621 for access.

Reasons to consider MyiLibrary include:

  • Access to content that is never off the shelf and is available anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and takes up no additional space
  • Quality front-list titles from leading publishers, many exclusive to MyiLibrary, flexibly priced to suit any budget
  • Flexible access including IP range and Athens for access to titles on the MyiLibrary platform, to suit your organization’s preference
  • Integration into OPAC systems, making it easy to find and view e-books alongside your other information resources, supported by good quality MARC records
  • Comprehensive reporting on e-book usage activity
  •  About the MyiLibrary
  • View Content
  • Click here for HELP.

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