Reaxys Online: CrossFire Beilstein & Gmelin TRIAL (Until 30/9/2009)


Reaxys Online: Beilstein, Gmelin and Patent Chemistry Databases is on TRIAL until 30/9/2009.

The Library subscribes to CrossFire & Reactions: Beilstein & Gmelin in CD-Rom format. Now this product is made available online, and the Library has recently a presentation by Elsevier on its functionality.

Click here to Access Reaxys . Read more  about this product.


  • The TRIAL will run until 30 September 2009.
  • The access is available only ON CAMPUS
  • The access is IP Authenticated for all UJ Campuses
  • Multiple users
  • Make use of Reaxys Training Manuals to easy your searching needs

Access is available through the Sciences Librarian Portal and Chemistry Subject Portal. View more TRIAL Databases.


Dr. Jörg Hellwig, Sales Manager Elsevier Science & Technology visited the UJ Library to present the new Reaxys Online, during his May-June SA tour.

Please contact me for more information or if you experience any difficulty in accessing or using the list., 011 559-2621.


MyiLibrary Online Books TRIAL (until 30/9/2009)


MyiLibrary  is an Online Books Database and a TRIAL has been arranged for UJ users until 30/9/2009. More TRIALS

  • Password is required. If you are UJ user contact me on:, 011 559-2621 for access.

Reasons to consider MyiLibrary include:

  • Access to content that is never off the shelf and is available anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and takes up no additional space
  • Quality front-list titles from leading publishers, many exclusive to MyiLibrary, flexibly priced to suit any budget
  • Flexible access including IP range and Athens for access to titles on the MyiLibrary platform, to suit your organization’s preference
  • Integration into OPAC systems, making it easy to find and view e-books alongside your other information resources, supported by good quality MARC records
  • Comprehensive reporting on e-book usage activity
  •  About the MyiLibrary
  • View Content
  • Click here for HELP.

CASE: A to Z Journals List: New upgraded library resource

CASE: A-to-Z Journals

The Library and Information Centre announces the upgrading of the A-Z List, which provides access to the full-text electronic journals. Improvements include:

CASE: A-to-Z Journals features:

  • It is fully customizable; comprehensive hence integrates the journal titles in UJLINK.
  • Case unlike EbscoHost A-Z is less dependent on human factor. CASE integrates with III’s Millennium to provide efficient work flows and system uploads are automatic.
  • CASE will enable UJ LIC to manage our electronic resources as an integrated part of the library system and not as a separate entity.
  • The UJ LIC user will have a choice of printed and electronic journals from the library’s WebOPAC (UJLink). This service will complement the ERM system and Link resolvers (UJLink and Web Bridge) that we are using.
  • CASE provides a complete solution to help UJ LIC to administer, manage, and display their electronic journals, from aggregators and publisher databases they subscribe to.

Other features of CASE include:

  • The list is easily accessible to users.
  • Users can search from titles within a specific database
  • Users can search for a specific title using the search interface
  • CASE Coverage Data Service will enable UJ LIC to supply recent data of their electronic journal subscriptions from aggregator and publisher databases (title, ISBN and holdings).
  •  Coverage Data delivered directly to millennium server. Coverage Data service includes 200 + resources, 1,270,000 + holdings statements and 480,000+ full text holdings statements.
  • MARC Service provides in-depth, pre-catalogued information for any e-serial that UJ LIC offers.
  • Web based profile manager assists the Electronic Resources Librarian to administer the collection with ease and make it accessible to the UJ LIC users.

Please note: If you want the journal to open in a new window, right click on the title.

The CASE: A-to-Z Journals list is available on the UJ Sciences Librarian Portal and all individual Sciences Subject Portals.

The UJLink: Library Catalogue, also provides direct link to CASE: A-to-Z Journal.

NEW features in the UJLink: Library Catalogue:

  • When you search for journal title through the Library Catalogue, additionally to the PRINT, you can have an ELECTRONIC  journals availability.
  • You can also search through the Library Catalogue: Electronic Resources  (links to the databases and its individual journals collections

Please contact me for more information or if you experience any difficulty in accessing or using the list., 011 559-2621.

Library System (Millenium-Innopac): Server upgrade

Due to a major server upgrade, the Integrated Library System (Millennium-Innopac) will be inaccessible from 16h00 on Thursday 9th July 2009 until 18h00 on Friday 10th July 2009.    

Please note that the system may be available sooner.

Services affected are:

The Library apologises for any inconvenience