BOOKS 24/7 TRIAL (extended until 14/June/2009)

Enjoy two additional weeks of 24/7 online books. The TRIAL has been extended until 14/June/2009. It is mostly for the academics, who have been busy with assignments marks and exams preparation during May and have had no time to make use of it.

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BOOKS 24/7 ON TRIAL (until 31/May/2009)

The Library has arranged a TRIAL for ONLINE BOOKS 24/7. Click HERE for direct access. I have place also direct link on the Sciences Librarian Portal under TRIAL databases and on the Databases list. It is also available on the main Library website. To access these books you will need to login (surname; staff/student number; PIN). If you still don’t have PIN, follow the available  instructions.

Books 24/7 is a web-based platform, that enables users to search and access online books from Microsoft Press, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, AMACOM, Harvard Business School Publishing, Cambridge University Press and Wiley. The collections include:

  • Information Technology (ITPro collection)
  • Business and Professional Skills/Development
  • Engineering (EngineeringPro collection)
  • Financial and Accounting Information, etc.

Who can benefit: Information Technology users; Physics users; Mathematics,  Applied Maths & Statistics users; Environmental Management & Energy users; Sciences & Engineering users, etc.

Remote Access: Available

Searching TIPS: You can either browse per topic or search the content with keywords (basic and advanced search screens). Also use the available HELP menu.

Some topics of interest from the ProIT and Engineering Collections, for the Sciences users:

  • IT and Technical Topics: (Business & Culture (680 books); Databases (925 books); Certification & Compliance (768 books); Enterprise Computing (693 books); Hardware (186 books); IBM Technologies  (761 books); Networks & Protocols (794 books); Operating Systems (845 books); Programming Languages (2650 books); Security (652 books); Software Engineering (479 books); Telecommunications (306 books); Web Programming & Development (1647 books)  
  • Engineering Topics: Physics (27 books, incl.  Physics for Engineers and Scientists; Applied Quantum Mechanics, etc.)
  • Engineering: Environmental Engineering (56 books, incl. books on Alternative Energy (17); Environmental Disputes (4); Solid Waste (4); Water & Wastewater (16)
  • Engineering Topics: Mathematics (158 books, incl. books on Algebra (2); Applied Maths (49); Computational Methods (38); Discrete Math (1);  Geometry & Topology (4); Probability & Statistics (12), etc.
  • Engineering Topics: Petroleum, Mining & Geological (53 books, incl. books on Geology (5); Mining (3); Oil & Gas (13) 
  • Engineering: Sustainability (19 books, incl. books on Green Architecture & Building (4); Renewable Energy (3); Sustainable Design (9)
  • Engineering: Computer Tools (161 books, incl. books on MatLab (33); Programming Languages (12); AutoCAD (45)
  • Engineering: Nuclear Physics (11 books, incl. Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2nd ed.)
  • Engineering: Nanotechnology (47 books, incl. books on Quantum Dynamics (2); Nanomaterials (11) 
  • Engineering: Telecommunications (244 books)

If you have any questions about access or possible subscription, please contact me: or leave a comment on this post.