As you know, the Library subscribes to the Blackwell Journals full-text, 1997+. Since July 2008 Blackwell journals were merged with the Wiley journals in one platform: Wiley Interscience. Numerous problems occur since then as every time you search Wiley Interscience,  you also retrieve Wiley journals results. Once you click on “PDF” full-text the article – if from Blackwell journal will open; if the selected article is from Wiley journal, you will be asked for password. The reason is that we don’t subscribe to the Wiley Journals. Go back to the selected list and select other article.

The Library requested a TRIAL for the Wiley Journals until 18/4/2009. I hope that we will find funds to purchase these valuable journals for 2010.

Go to Wiley Interscience  and enjoy the full text access to all journals. The journals are multidisciplinary. Just remember:

  • TRIAL until 18/5/2009
  • Full-text from 1997+

Access to Wiley Interscience is also available through Sciences Librarian Portal and the individual Subject Portals. Please contact me if any queries: pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za OR place a comment on this post.


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