Taylor & Francis Journals are available on TRIAL from 21/April/2009 until 10/June/2009

Access is available through Informaworld platform. View the journals per subjects or search either the Basic or Advanced search options. To view the journals for which UJ have full-text click HERE.


Search for articles directly from the ADVANCED SEARCH option.

The following subjects are relevant to the Sciences: Agriculture & Environmental Sciences; Bioscience; Chemistry; Computer Science; Earth Sciences; Engineering & Technology; Food Science; Geography; Mathematics & Statistics; Physics; Toxicology, etc.

Let me know how useful are these journals for your research or teaching needs. Leave a comment on this post.



The NISCt databases, for which UJ Library subscribes have become a part of the EbscoHost databases.

They are all Bibliographic databases, but in combination with EbscoHost – Academic Search Premier, for example, some results will have the full-text.

Click on any of the databases below to access an Alphabetical list of all EbscoHost databases. You can search them individually or select multiple databases. Africa-Wide: Nipad & Water Resources WorldWide are very important databases for Sciences users.

  • Africa-Wide: Nipad (Africa-Wide: NiPAD, produced by NISC South Africa, combines databases to form a multidisciplinary aggregation offering unique and extensive coverage of all facets of Africa and African studies.  Included in this aggregation are 40 bibliographic databases from around the world, including Nexus (Current & Completed Research), Index to South African Periodicals, IBISCUS, the Africa Institute Database, African Journal Online, Media Africa, and NAMLIT, which is compiled from the National Library of Namibia.  With over 2.4 million citations and abstracts dating back to the 16thcentury, this resource is essential for those with an interest in African research, and information on and about Africa)
  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
  • Family & Society Studies Worldwide
  • Women’s Studies International
  • Water Resources WorldWide (Water Resources Worldwide, produced by NISC, combines databases on all facets of international and African water research. Included in the aggregation are six of the world’s major water resource databases: WATERLIT, The Freshwater Biological Association Catalogue(FBA), The International Water Management Institute Database(IWMI), AQUAREF, AQUIRE, and Delft Hydro Database. With over 800 000 citations and abstracts dating back to the 1970s, this resource is essential for those dealing with all aspects of water and water-related subjects)

If you are Science user at Kingsway Campus and you need training on how to search the databases, please contact me: pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za



Have you accessed previously Digital Engineering Library? If not now is the right time. New name and new interface. Easy to search by either using a keyword search or view the full book (chapters in PDF).

McGraw-Hill Access Engineering provides access to full-text ONLINE BOOKS.

Focused around 14 major areasof engineering, AccessEngineering features a new taxonomy book view offering comprehensive coverage and faster title-by-title access to our engineering collection in the following subject areas:

Have a look at the books per TOPIC or in ALPHABETICAL order.

Some titles of interest for Environmental / Energy /Green & Sustainable users are:

View some of the Chemical books:

Biomedical books such as: Bioinformatics: Sequence Alignment And Markov Models

Communications books such as:

 It is easy to search and explore. Leave a comment on this blog about your experience with Access Engineering e-books.


The trial to Springer Protocols have been extended until 31/5/2009. How to access it? Read more information from my previous post  or go to:

  • SpringerLink database: full-text is available REMOTELY. To access SpringerLink you need to log-in with Surname, Staff/Students number & PIN (don’t have one? It  is easy to create, just follow the instructions)
  • Springer Protocols web page: full-text only ON CAMPUS. On Campus there is IP Authentication and no log-in is required. Just search.

Contact me on: pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za or leave a comment on this post.


As you know, the Library subscribes to the Blackwell Journals full-text, 1997+. Since July 2008 Blackwell journals were merged with the Wiley journals in one platform: Wiley Interscience. Numerous problems occur since then as every time you search Wiley Interscience,  you also retrieve Wiley journals results. Once you click on “PDF” full-text the article – if from Blackwell journal will open; if the selected article is from Wiley journal, you will be asked for password. The reason is that we don’t subscribe to the Wiley Journals. Go back to the selected list and select other article.

The Library requested a TRIAL for the Wiley Journals until 18/4/2009. I hope that we will find funds to purchase these valuable journals for 2010.

Go to Wiley Interscience  and enjoy the full text access to all journals. The journals are multidisciplinary. Just remember:

  • TRIAL until 18/5/2009
  • Full-text from 1997+

Access to Wiley Interscience is also available through Sciences Librarian Portal and the individual Subject Portals. Please contact me if any queries: pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za OR place a comment on this post.