Scholarly journals – ticTOCs, New Free Journal Tables of Contents


 Keeping up-to-date with the scholarly literature just became much easier, thanks to a new service called ticTOCs  – Journal Tables of Contents Service.

What it is?

ticTOCs is a new scholarly journal tables of contents (TOCs) service.It’s FREE, its easy to use, and it provides access to the most recent tables of contents of over 11,000 scholarly journals from more than 400 publishers.  

It helps scholars, researchers, academics and anyone else keep up-to-date with what’s being published in the most recent issues of journals on almost any subject.

How to find Journal Titles

Using ticTOCs, you can:

  1. Find journals of interest by TITLE, SUBJECT or PUBLISHER;
  2. View the latest TOC;
  3. Link through to the full text of over 250,000 articles (where institutional or personal subscriptions, or Open Access, allow)
  4. Save selected journals to MyTOCs so that you can view future TOCs (free registration is required if you want to permanently save your MyTOCs). 
  5. ticTOCs also makes it easy to export selected TOC RSS feeds to popular feed readers such as Google Reader and Bloglines, and in addition you can import article citations into RefWorks (available through the UJ Library webpage. Contact your librarian for assistance and training where necessary ).
  6. You can  select TOCs by ticking those of interest – thousands of TOCs, within a tick or two (hence the name ticTOCs).

I have searched for journals per SUBJECT. The following number of journals are available (24/01/2009) for:

Zoology – 87 titles
Botany – 125 titles
Biology – 291 titles
Microbiology – 110 titles
Biochemistry – 223 titles
Chemistry – 170 titles
Analytical Chemistry – 51 titles
Inorganic Chemistry – 22 titles
Organic Chemistry – 70 titles
Physical Chemistry – 72 titles
Mathematics – 363 titles
Statistics – 31 titles
Astronomy – 48 titles
Physics – 255 titles
Biophysics – 34 titles
Geophysics – 49 titles
Nuclear Physics – 39 titles
Geology – 89 titles
Geography – 70 titles
Earth Sciences – 58 titles
Computers – 81 titles
Computer Security – 23 titles
and many more…..
For help use the available HELP menu or ask your librarian (Sciences Librarian at APK: Pavlinka Kovatcheva, for assistance!

ticTOCs has been funded under the JISC Users & Innovations programme and has been developed by an international consortium consisting of the University of Liverpool Library (lead), Heriot-Watt University, CrossRef, ProQuest, Emerald, RefWorks, MIMAS, Cranfield University, Institute of Physics, SAGE Publishers, Inderscience Publishers, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), Open J-Gate, and Intute. 


 For the full press release, click HERE.


Since the launch, several hundred more journal Tables of Contents have been added to ticTOCs: over 60 titles from Palgrave, over 185 former Haworth Press titles, 82 open access titles from Libertas Academica, 27 Edinburgh University Press journals, and titles from Longwoods Publishing, Living Reviews, IM Publications and others.


Journals from 431 publishers are currently included in ticTOCs. Read more about the latest news HERE


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