The UJ Library provides access to Previous Exam Paper.

Previous exam papers can be submitted by any of the UJ Departments.

Submission of exam papers is NOT COMPULSORY for the Departments. 

Please follow these steps on how to submit exam papers to the Library:


Steps in submitting Previous Exam Papers


1.        IMPORTANT: Complete the application forms (English or Afrikaans)


2.       The Exam papers must be in MS Word format.


3.       The Course code must be used as a “file name” for the exam paper. It makes it easier for students to find it.


4.       The Exam papers should be submitted in electronic format through e-mail or on CD-Rom, accompanied by the completed application form.


5.       The contact person in the Library is Lynette Zipfel (lynettez@uj.ac.za; Tel: 011 559 2877) keeps  track of all submitted papers for future queries


6.       The files are then uploaded and made available to search through Previous Exam Paper web page.


7.       The access to the exam papers is restricted only to the registered students and staff.


8.       You will need to login with your SURNAME, STAFF / STUDENTS number and PIN. PIN is easy to create, just follow the given instructions.


Click on the link to access the available Faculty of Science Departments previous exam papers.


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