Access to the UJ Library is provided to clients affiliated to the University:

  • Staff (temporary & permanent)
  • Students
  • Prospective M & D students (access only to the Campus,where registered)
  • Alumni members and
  • Honorary members.

All these members gain access to the library by using a valid university card.


Approval of membership:

Requests for free membership will be approved by the Head of the LIC. Please copmlete the UJ Library Membership form.

Corporate membership – approved by the Team Leader: Lending.

Membership approved by lending staff:

·         Staff / students, students of other S A  Higher Education institutions

·         Alumni

·         External clients.


Staff and Students

Staff and students have access to all campus libraries. Membership is valid for the duration of their affiliation with the university.


Prospective Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students doing their proposals, and who need to have access to library resources, can register at the library.

Pleasecomplete the UJ Library Membership form.

A letter of recommendation by the lecturer must accompany this application.

The membership is valid for a calender year.


Visiting Lecturers/Professors:

Visiting lecturers can apply for special membership of the library. Please, ask for Membership form at the Lending desk at your campus.


Students and staff from foreign universities:

Visiting lecturers and students from foreign universities may obtain membership on presenting a letter of introduction from the relevant academic department at UJHB.

Membership will be restricted to the campus library where registered.


Alumni members

Alumni members membership is to all UJ campus libraries, upon payment of membership fee at the Library.

Membership will be valid for a year.

Membership can be renewed upon  payment of a fee.


Honorary membership (including Friends of the Library and donors) may be bestowed at the discretion of the Library Directorate. Retired faculty staff and council members of the University qualify for free honorary membership.


Former employees obtain membership upon payment of external membership fee.


Day visitors:

Day visitors are allowed access on payment of a daily fee.

The amount to be paid in full regardless of the duration of the visit.

The fee is subject to annual revision.

Once payment is received  – the visitor will be issued with temp access card.


Students/staff from other South African higher education institutions:


They are admitted according to the CHELSA  & GAELIC agreements (Letter of introduction).

Members must purchase a university card at the fee determined by the University. Access is to the registered library only.

Membership is valid until the end of the current academic year.


If you are experiencing problem with login access to the electronic resources or you need any information concerning borrowing & returning books, please contact the Lending Desk staff at your campus library.


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