According to an agreement between libraries at higher education institutions in South Africa, postgraduate students and academics can apply for library membership from these institutions. The reasons for that membership could be:

          Library near place of residence;

         Library, which provide resources not available at the UJ Library;



Only UJ staff, Academics & Postgraduate studtents can request this membership!


Some of the Libraries you can apply for membership are:

– UNISA, University of Pretoria, WITs University, University of Limpopo, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Rhodes University, North West University, Tshwane University of Technology, University of Stellenbosch, University of Cape Town, University of the Free State, etc.


Steps in applying for access to other University Libraries:


1.        Complete the Letter of Introduction form to apply for membership to other library.

2.       Only 2 libraries can be selected.

3.       Submit the completed form to your subject librarian (by fax or in person) accompanied by prove of registration.

4.       Specify if you would like the Letter to be collected, posted or faxed. You will be contacted once the Letter of Introduction has been processed.

5.       Please ensure that you don’t have overdue books or unpaid funds.

6.       Allow one-two day for administration.

7.       Hand this letter of Introduction in at the library with which you would like to apply.

8.       Please adhere to all the rules and regulations of that library.



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